Our Dedication Behind Our Success

Having worked with every aspect of the Fashion & Design industry, for almost 10-12 years, Ms. Pratibha Sethi, one of the key founders and backbone of M/S CAFSEW COLOURS, had a keen aspiration to work for herself and be an independent entrepreneur.

The journey started with a small team of hard-working bright individuals in the year 2016. 

It was a long path to be traversed, with all new set-ups and new experiences almost every day! This enthralling path to establish and incorporate M/S CAFSEW COLOURS brought in many learnings and opportunities to grow further. 

Our first big project was from a renowned client based in the USA, working with them gave a lot of room to add more expertise to our work and we kept going thereon!. The initial line of work was Scarfs, which soon expanded to include and cover categories such as Home furnishings, and Kidswear. We are presently shipping to several countries, with repeat orders and repeat customers!

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Company Trade Marks

M/S CAFSEW COLOURS is registered under Trademarks Act 1999.
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Company IEC Certificate

M/S CAFSEW COLOURS holds a valid Export License and can freely export to any country world-wide, subject to local laws and provisions of the Importing country.
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